Home-made candle in the form of ‘Panda’ from a 100% beeswax.

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Symbolism of this candle

Bunny is a symbol of Easter Holiday. He is considered to be a symbolic moon animal because he sleeps during the day and is awake during the night. He’s also a symbol of fertility, alertness and recuring renewal of life. But he is also, on the other side, a symbol of fear and cowardice.

Material of this candle

This candle is home-made from a 100% beeswax from bees from South Moravia near Brno city. No chemicals are used during the breeding of bees or candle making process.

Candles can differ in wax colour – some are darker, some lighter. All pieces are unique originals that can differ in small details from each other. During their production we above all focus on the precision of details of every candle.

Beeswax is a natural product that is created by metabolic reconstruction of honey and pollen in bodies of certain kinds of bees. In case of  honeybees, it’s produced by a worker bee from the 12th to the 18th day of her life more…

How we made the “Bunny” candle

This candle was made by casting the wax into the home-made form. After the wax gets hardened, the candle is cleaned from surplus wax and shaped into the final form.

How this candle burns

This candle burns approximately for 4.5 hours with gentle yellow-orange flame. Wax almost doesn’t drip during burning and it smells wonderfully.

What is the use for this candle?

This candle is suitable for harmonizing of the environment. It smells of honey when burning, it has relaxing effects and it helps to achieve calmer sleep – it evokes intuition, creativity and dream activity.

Candle as a gift

Every candle is an original and individual pieces can differ from each other in small details.

This candle is a great gift for every opportunity. It pleases both young and old. We can wrap it up as a gift with dedication.

Safety instructions

Please be careful during manipulation with candles. Keep them out of children’s reach.