About Our Candles

What do we make our candles from?

Our candles are home-made from 100% beeswax from bees from South Moravia near Brno city. No chemicals are used during the breeding of bees or candle making process.Včelí vosk

Candles can differ in wax colour – some are darker, some lighter. All pieces are unique originals that can differ in small details from each other. During their production we above all focus on the precision of details of every candle.

Beeswax is a natural product that is created by metabolic reconstruction of honey and pollen in bodies of certain kinds of bees. In case of  honeybees, it’s produced by a worker bee from the 12th to the 18th day of her life.

During the production the bee “sweats” the wax on the wax mirrors on the bottom side from the 3rd to the 6th section of her abdomen. A chitin wall of the mirrors is perforated by microscopic holes, through which a fresh wax secretion squirts after an increased effort. It air-hardens and in the form of a scale gets an anatomical shape of a mirror. Even after the scale gets unstuck, it partially stays covered by the the overlapping edge of the neighboring abdomen section.

The weight of one 0.5 mm thick scale is between 0,8 – 2 mg. Energy demands are big during the wax production. For production of 1 kg of wax, bees consume 3.5 – 10 kg of honey and about 50 g of pollen.


How do we make our candles?

Our candles are made by casting wax into homemade forms. After the wax gets hardened, we clean it from surplus wax and shape it into the final form of a given candle.


How do our candles burn?Hořící svíčka

Our candles burn approximately for 90 minutes (we mention the approximate time of burning in the candle description because it’s different for every candle) with gentle yellow-orange flame.

Wax almost doesn’t drip during burning and it smells wonderfully. The candle should be lit by a match, so that it’s energy isn’t disturbed by gas or oil.


What can be our candles used for?

Our candles are a 100% natural product, they create better air in rooms, harmonize the environment and help clean the air from smells, molds, pollen and other allergens. Our candles are suitable for allergic persons and people sensitive so smells. They help to achieve calmer sleep – they evoke intuition, creativity and dream activity.


Candle as a gift

Candles are a light, fire and energy so strong that they connect profane and spiritual life. Candles were and are used in religions, for forgiving and cleaning purposes. Candle is a gift suitable for any circumstance. It pleases both young and old. We can wrap it up as a gift with dedication.


Safety instructions

Please be careful during manipulation with candles. Keep them out of children’s reach. During longer storage or storage in cold, a patina (so-called “wax flower”) can appear on the surface of a candle. You can remove it with hot air, eg. hair dryer. Patina doesn’t have any negative impact on the candle.